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Friday, June 08, 2007

Home solutions

Am so grateful for this thing called baking soda (yes, the one we use when we would bake cakes, pastries…).

Especially on these days when I am constantly doing some yard work. There's just no chance of getting myself unscathed (but thanks God, not really in a major way) before I strip off my pair of trusty gloves. Scrapes. Cuts. Skinned elbow.

But even if some scrapes are reaped, I can still heave a sigh of relief and be happy for the day's small achievement. Thanks to this white powder wonder.

The solution made by putting together baking soda powder and water, can be used as disinfectant. And it doesn’t sting one bit. And because of that, I always prefer adding a dash of it to a bucket of water to wash scrapes, cuts and wounds (than just water alone). So ideal to use with the kids, like my dear buddy Matt.

Can be used as a deodorizer too. And It can also be used as feminine wash (my OB Gyne’s advice).


Grace said...

sounding like Martha Stewart na ka! what's up with the numerous posts!?

ZAM said...

wanna be!