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Friday, June 01, 2007


Death is always a dark and heavy , if not unpleasant, topic to write about. But for a reason or two, I am compelled to post this entry.

Like the dreary weather today, I really feel just as gloomy. Downcast.

This noon, I saw a couple tiny bodies afloat in the water, in the small round glass that houses our baby fishes. Initially. The gentle motion of the water swayed their lifeless forms in a sad rythm.

Peering closely, I found five more bodies resting in the bed of creamy pebbles at the bottom.

Dead. All seven of them! I wonder why.

I would have liked to dispose of the bodies immediately, flush them down the drain before my son sees them as I do not feel too comfortable hearing him shriek
patay* pit,** however innocently. But as of this writing, they still remain where they are. Untouched.

* means dead

* fish in my son's word

1 comment:

Gracey said...

Who killed the pits?