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Saturday, June 02, 2007

I am thankful for...thankful that...

I feel that I needed to do this at this time when things are not looking so colorful and life is not a rollicking adventure. So despite the odds, I wanted to count today's blessings

For my good health. So I can take good care of my son. And my parents' and sis (and the rest of my family who's away from home).

For the sunshine that helped lift my mood. After the rain and the gloomy weather yesterday, I was just too glad to see the sun.

That the pedia (after getting the lab test results last night, I deemed it necessary to pay a visit to his pedia for some advice on the antibiotic thing. I've always been cautious taking antibiotics myself and much more so in giving dear son a dose of it, even if prescribed. Because it's a fact that along with its benefit is also the risk of harming the good bacteria in our bodies) was extra gentle with Matt, who's already upset upon stepping in his clinic. In fact, so distressed was he that no amount of soothing words would pacify him. And it's becoming more difficult because he's no longer the physically passive infant that he used to be. But even that in itself is something to be thankful for - that my son is getting bigger and physically stronger (despite the fever at this time) and can already verbalize his thoughts in words and phrases (and so passionately at times).

That I didn't buy the antibiotic prescribed by the ER doctor to Matt last night. I would have wasted some moolah over something I completely have no use of, since his pedia said we can already manage with the paracetamol alone. And that the infection reflected in the CBC might just be viral and not really bacterial. So no antibiotics, unless necessary or that there is a significant indication in the result for this need. I could have said, " Atta boy!" That- his approach to antibiotic- is really the one good reason why I retained this DR, despite some other issues I have concerning him or some personal preferences I have.

For the chance to visit the grocery (because mother needed to pick up some supplies). It helped Matt cope with the trauma, if not totally dispel it, caused from visiting his pedia hours ago. It really made a difference, I saw his face aglow with excitement and happiness while scanning and looking over the grocery stocks, row after row, while we moved up and down the aisles in the grocery cart. Really, grocery trips always perk up his day.

That I spotted a highly-recommended day/night moisturizer. Judging from the rave reviews, it must really be effective. I hope it works for me too.

That I found an eggplant salad, for sale. I just couldn't resist buying some for our lunch. So delicioso!

That hubby will be home this weekend. Seeing him and talking to him in person would really make me happy. And it would make Matt, who sorely missed him, a lot happier. It would give him time to bond with the tot and would allow some time for me for an outdoor activity. So in plain and simple words, his coming home will make everyone happy.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Gracey said...

Na-phobia na diay ang bata pagkakita pa lang sa doctor! hehe. I am glad you'll have a great weekend with hubby home.

Naids, what is the moisturizer with rave reviews? Tell me, I want to be beautiful too! =)