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Friday, June 22, 2007

It's okay

I've heard it all the time. Casually. With the air of nonchalance. Tinge with sarcasm. To spite someone. To sympathize. To comfort. I even say it all the time.

Sometimes, it just leaves the lips without our meaning to, or without any clear intent.

But it's okay.

And it really is okay. I'm saying it now with all intent to soothe, to comfort, to reassure, to boost the morale.

It's okay that you expected. Or hoped. We expected and hoped. We will keep on hoping.

It's okay that you tried. At least you tried. We tried. We will keep on trying. It's okay.

Even if you failed. Or I failed. You hurt and I hurt. Shed a tear, or buckets of tears. It all means we're okay because we are human after all. Then it's okay to leave things at that.

Or to go beyond our limits. Go beyond our comfort zones. There are far greater things waiting for us. To conquer. To experience. To enjoy. To soar. To love.

It's all okay.

We'll just keep on testing our limits. We'll keep on conquering. On trying new things. On enjoying. On soaring. On loving.

It is all okay.

Have faith that it's all okay.


grace said...

HOY!! this doesn't sound SO ok to me!!

ZAM said... it bouncing back with an over-used yet very positive line..gets me conditioned..and really is very comforting to times when a sandcastle crashes down..