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Sunday, June 24, 2007

finding solace in green

Great expectation is a sandcastle on a beach. The waves may run through it and it comes crashing down, until all you have left, is some heaps of sand. Or you're left with nothing but just traces. Traces of what you once built.

But enough of this. Enough feeling low. I'm dusting imaginary specks of sand in my hand and I am heading to the bath. I will find refuge in the green paints and tiles.

I will don my moss green vintage pants, which my sister bought from ukay-ukay and gave me, and don a nice top with its stripes in different shades of green.

To finish the look, I'm borrowing my mother's colored bangles, wearing them will surely pep me up.

Now, I'm prancing around town with my hand clasp in my better half's.

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