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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Random no nonsense, nonsense @ midnight

I am still wide awake. At this unholy hour in the morning. Make no mistake, I am far from being insomniac. Actually, I slept very early- at 5PM, with buddy Matt. And woke up with my stomach complaining. But after giving in to its demands, I find myself unable to go back to Zzzzland.

So after the turning and tossing , I decided to reach out and flick the main light on. Gotta channel some energy into something productive. Reading, perhaps. Or scribble some thoughts (like what I’m doing now).

I’ve just spent considerable time staring at this angel in deep slumber beside me, and thinking of the miracle of bringing a new life into this world. And murmuring comforting words (always do) to him, even if he may not hear me.

I am not $ wealthy (I wish!). I do not live in G8-member countries. Do not have holiday vacations in Maldives , or in the Alps.

But I am happy.

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