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Friday, June 15, 2007


I am currently deciding what apt job title I like after my name.


Junior Worm-digger

Junior Mother

Junior Househelp

Junior Wife

Junior Blogger

Junior Trooper

Senior Bench-warmer

Senior Testcall Queen

Senior Wanna Be

Above are meaningful enough, but I need something with a corporate-y sound to it...

Senior B(sw)itch Engineer (lovely!)

Senior (s)Witch Engineer (maybe!)

Senior (si)Wretched Engineer (not so!)

Senior (sw)Ri(t)ch Engineer (in my dreams!)

I’m afraid this is something you have to expect when you, like a good mother that you are, warmly take wacko comrade in your wing when you see her knocking in your doorstep. Because you think that wacko comrade is thoughtful enough to show up her lovely head and pay you a timely visit. And you still hang out with her and never complain even when she jokingly pokes you and nudges you in the rib, rather too strongly. After all, she is just out doing you one big favor by giving you much-needed company. Haaaaay, that wacko comrade named Boredom is driving me nuts once again!

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