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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Big fishes a' comin'

The bigwigs are coming to town. And it looks like they are bringing the whole circus team with them. And causing minor disruptions to the normally very laid-back atmosphere in the office. Understandably.

These bigwigs, also collectively known as the tech mancom, are ordinary humans who hold influential positions, and so way above the ordinary workforce in the company. But who generally likes to reach out and mingle with majority of the employees, for maybe different reasons, intentions. But I really have no way of knowing these, and judging is no use. Maybe some really have a good heart -with the heart of a true and sincere leader. And maybe some are just going through the motions, trying to be friendly and trying to be your ally, trying to be sympathetic, and trying to be of your service. Dunno. What I do know is, they are all heading this way. And they will be here, among the on-their-way-to-the-top bosses and pseudo-bosses, to grace an annual do, which I have not attended eversince. Lucky me, I always have the perfect excuse everytime, like being on-duty or sick.

In reality, I really feel awkward hobknobbing with this elite group. (And even if an upgrade depended on it. I think I'll just have to make it own, the long, hard and honest way.) Exchanging pleasantries and casual talks (that may really be hollow), eternally pasting a seemingly accommodating smile (that may not reach the eyes and may lack warmth) and vainly trying to be amiable all throughout the affair can be too much of an effort for me. I'm not even too keen on keeping their company for an hour, I'll already be too ill at ease by then that I might just puke, how much more for more than eight solid hours! Talk about torture! It would just take too much energy on my part I might pass out and I just cannot risk being sapped to core (and I already feel so stressed even thinking about it). Guess, I'm just not cut to kiss some asses. Not even the bigwigs' asses.

That said, I'm really glad I'm not going again this time. I'll be working by then.

But I'm reminding myself, before I go to work tomorrow and the day after, to temporarily trade my usual casual get-up for a more appropriate look (and forget about the slippers), pay extra attention to my appearance and don the proper office attire or something like it, lest they accuse me of not maintaining some company standard. That is the least I can do. And in truth, the only thing I am willing to do.

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