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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Comic relief

Let me share this one photo taken end of April in the Waterfront Cebu.

There I was attending an otherwise boring event had it not been for this person who perked up the mood with his seriously funny adlibs.

Ever heard of the comic duo, Ariel and Maverick? (Who? )The comedians who have their faces plastered on a billboard along North and South Expressways. The vintage car collectors, so I heard.

So that's Ariel with me. (Who, again? I heard somebody ask, do I suppose to know him? in the background). Umm, they are not mainstream popular but they have their share of fame. One of the dynamic duo, commonly known for their outlandish and uber colorful outfits, also stars in a TV show with partner Maverick called Totoo TV at ABC5. And recently I learned that the long-haired Ariel also has a daytime job with one telco in the country, our mother company. I saw his name listed in our database, whoa!

Man, believe me, it was a riot when he showed up. The uncanny odd pieces that made up his whole get-up, like his ring with a diamond stone the size of a fist that one could see it glitter from a mile distance, were already tickling the funny bone. On top of that, I think the crowd just couldn't resist giving in to his astonishingly funny comments in laughing fits. You could see everybody's tonsils! And I was laughing so hard bordering to hysterics that tears popped in my eyes. A barrel of laughs, really!

I rarely go up to famous personalities to have a picture taken with them or have an autographed signed (I'm sort of the type who try to play it cool or pretended to be) but hey, for somebody who made a difference that night, I think it's all worth it.


grace said...

kinsa na naids?

ZAM said...

One comedian from for PLDT pud..