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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Great mornings!

Waking up every morning is lovelier this time of the year.

Reason: Son.

I still wake up to the usual cluttered bedroom. Books. Clothes. Toys. Strewn on the floor.

Reason: Son.

But really, I have more reason to call every morning beautiful. Because Matt is learning to start his day right and making me start mine right as well. Every morning, he would call out my name, once, twice.. And if I stay motionless (sometimes I'd do this on purpose) and unable to keep my eyes wide open (always do), he would hold my head and give me a very long wet kiss (because he does it with his mouth wide open). Saliva, everyone. But it is so sweet, I could cry.

And every time he tells me "Bah-bu" (his way of saying I love you), all my sore, tired muscles and other aches just go away.

Although I am not sugary sweet, I try to hug and tell him I-love-you every so often, conquering my inhibitions (in showing affection) at the same time. And looks like I am already seeing the first fruit of what I've sown, of teaching by example.


grace said...

isn't it amazing how we can love someone this much! mas love pa kaysa hubbies na!! swear!!

Anonymous said...

true, true..with great unconditional love!!