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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Times and times like this..

I prefer that the blog entries I post are all original. Almost always. ( No, wait a sec. I am not blowing my own horns here. Far from it really.).

But then originality is too broad in context. And too ambiguous. Because one cannot really conceive something alone, right. We are affected with what goes around us. Stimulus. And sometimes, we feel and think and act the way we do because of what we see (and experience) others do. Even emotions are too base and natural, that they are not original. Get the drift? So.. But I will not be talking about these things..

What I just want to say is all these entries are my own. My own thoughts. Like it or not.

***Although I try not to sound too assertive, intolerant, discriminating and mean in the way I express my thoughts but maybe along the way, I made a lapse. If I did I claim sole responsibility over these comments and opinions. I tried and am still trying. To be positive at all times. Yay.

And some topics may come across as irrelevant and trivial. Silly, maybe. Boring at times. But hey, give me a break, this is my little nook in the cyberworld. ***

Take your pick. And accuse me of anything then. Presumptuous. Proud. All, except piracy. (Until now. But can you really call this piracy? Another issue, huh.)

But really, I made an exception today. By posting a message I received in my email which I found oddly interesting and quite funny to some degree. (Posted this in a blog dedicated to my son, so I will remember to read it to him by the time he can understand these things. Or he may read it himself. Whatever comes first. I hope Blogspot will still be alive when that time comes.)

Did I just break some law? I hope no one fires a gun.

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