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Monday, May 14, 2007

Already scribbled the ballot

Today, I exercised my constitutional right to vote. Hoping that this one vote would make a difference. Period.

***As I am saying..err, writing this, I am tempted to write more. There really is a whirlwind in my mind. Oooops. Halt, halt. Half of me is prodding myself to say it, aloud. And to write it, boldly. (Breathing deeply).

But I am willing myself to stop, and stopping myself, I really will do now. So I am ending this sentence with a 'period' that really means period before I explode into torrents of thoughts, and bore everyone with an endless blog entry about the (depressing) political climate in this country. Maybe some other time.(Sigh) ***

1 comment:

grace said...

I'm happy you voted -- that means you still have remaining hope in amidst the bleak political situation in our country.