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Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh, man..

Yesterday, we received a sad news from my brother, who went back to his assignment a couple of days ago. (And who also taught my son the term away* in his brief week long vacation because he'd constantly and playfully infuriate young Matt and bring him to tears.)

The junior officer who was (who graduated from PMA in 2006) assigned in Abra, in another company (or was it battalion?), died. Gunshots from encounters with a number of guerrillas from the left wing that left numerous casualties, he said was the cause.

You bet my mother is being a MOTHER! And a worrywart mother at that. Worried of the safety of my brother. Of his life in the military service. Of what is happening in this country... Of other countless things only a mother worries about.

So glad, he'll be off from possible counter-attack measures for a little while because he'll be studying somewhere for three months. However short it may be, it is a welcome respite. (We really feel that it's too short. And I kinda wonder if he could extend his studies to years. Or couldn't he just be in a military school for like forever? )

Note: *away as in inaway (Tagalog) or gi-away (Bisaya) or heckle (English).

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