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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Think about..

The conversation below had me thinking.

Me, referring to Matt's vegetable-eating attitude: Matt has definitely outdone you.

Hubby, in a kidding manner: Kids always outdo their parents. Don't you think so?

Picture this: a software program or maybe a hardware design. After sometime, there comes an enhanced version, something better from the previous one. Maybe appended with a patch that fixes the bug or defect in the previous one. Then, there's the latest version that has exceeded the last one. Improved, with more add-ons.

Okay that's that. But that's not what I'm talking about here.

Humans. Generation after generation. Do we, the kids, offspring, really become the "improved and enhanced" version of our roots?

Lemme tick off some aspects and compare myself to my parents or maybe one of them.

In academics, maybe yes. I've become an engineer (but in the first place, that's because of them. Because they sent me to an institution to get a degree. But that's not in question here, aaryt..).

Economics. Let's just say I earn a little more than one of them did. And still if we sum both of my parents' salary. But what meager income they earn, my Pa (with Mama) was able to send us to school. All of us 5 sibs! And I still cannot speak if I can do that to Matt (and the coming kids) as well. My will is there. I hope and I pray. But we'll never know what the future brings, right? Or whether I'd still earn much decades and decades from now. Or how much moolah do you need to be able to pay for the tuition fees then? Or does a burger still cost 20-30 bucks years from now? **my heartbeat is racing when I consider the last few sentences I made here..ahh, anxiety...fear**

Asset-wise. Maybe. Investments, appliances, a lot ( smaller than the land where my parents' house was built and still without a house yet). Far from being so way ahead of them really. But maybe with the few material possessions I have acquired. ... (trailing because I am hesitating in making this a part of my consideration..)

But in character, am I an improved version of my parents? Mentally? Physically? Spiritually? Socially?

Does my genome (total genes) gets mutated to make me a better human being?

I cannot tell. I have no answer. Even the slightest.


grace said...

you posts are getting heavier in tone!! drop me a msg if there's anything you want to say, in private =)

thinking about you!!

Anonymous said...

lol... just trying to get things off my chest..or off my i can move on..

musta? will try to be online longer next time so we can chat..