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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bath buddies

I already have the loads of goodies from EQ Dry . Yipee!

The two pouches separately containing the Frog bath accessories (mat, robe, slippers and sponge) and another one Tiger set (which I will be giving to a nephew since one set for Matt is already enough) were handed to me yesterday by our ever-reliable guard.

(The mats and Matt's pair of froggy slip-ons; not included in this pic: frog robe -still wet and the sponge - at large!)

(update! already found the smiling frog sponge)

I traded in and sent the wrappers I've saved for like almost year, a couple of weeks ago. (I was also able to redeem some premium items last year, by just sending the heaps of the plastic wrappers I accumulated since Matt's birth.).

Being a packrat isn't so bad after all... Plus. I'm being friendly to the environment by properly "disposing" these plastics, ayt? Let's just say it's good riddance!

Anyway, my son loves his Froggy set. He's having a blast stomping and tapping his feet in those soft froggy slip-ons, and he's treating the smiling frog sponge like his best bud (he kisses and hugs it, making it impossible for me to use it as a sponge just yet).

(Dear tot with his very green slip-ons)



And just thinking, how many babies, toddlers out there who wear diaper? And how many in a day? A week? A year? A decade? Tons and tons of diaper trash must be piling up everywhere around the globe. Millions and millions and millions.

And how do we dispose these?


grace said...

Where did u get these? They're lovely. P would love to have that slipper!!

ZAM said...

EQ Dry freebies! Naa sila promo pirmi mao kolekta to d maxx kaayo ko! lol

Gracey said...

AY MAO BA..P is not in diapers chance to collect!!