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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I am also thinking...

Right now, here are some things that occupy my mind:

1) Home security. After the Saturday incident (I am just thankful to the Greater Being in heaven that at least all of us in the family are unharmed), I am considering the possibility of increasing the height of our fence and installing a burglar alarm system (which may dissuade people with bad intentions from trespassing our property but will not really stop them);

2) I am thinking of brown havaianas slippers I saw in the mall a week ago. To buy or not to buy…

3) The discoloration on my back, arms and shoulders. Is a result from my gardening session last Saturday morning. My hand, they overrule my mind sometimes and before I knew it, I was already thumping ang puffing, pruning, planting and digging deeper on earth;

4) Diapers and how to dispose them. In this country, we have 3 popular ways of disposing our garbage. First, we eternally wait for the collector with their rickety-rackety trucks, that seemed to pass our way only once a year. Second, we burn them, and purposely forgetting how this can be hazardous to one's health damaging to the environment.Third, throw the garbage in some uninhabited piece of property/land (Some even throw trash right at their doorstep! Yikes!);

5) After that Saturday incident, I really, really need to de-stress. A salon trip perhaps?

6) I am thinking that I really should run and get going. Go back to that macro, be its slave for a few hours and finish it...So off I go NOW.

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