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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bro and his magic tabo

The last time I saw my brother (and his magic tabo) was in January. He was home for the (post Christmas) holidays and was home for just a week.

His being in the Army is the reason of all the absence and distance (his present assignment is somewhere in the highlands of Abra) , but to which we have long accepted and expected. Because he is barely home, every homecoming is always something to prepare for and worth celebrating.

So when he announced days ago that he will be visiting us, we were so excited (we are still excited) . We anticipated his homecoming. And we also anticipated for his tabo. The one he brings with him anywhere he goes. For some reason that eludes me (and my family). Unusual, huh? Imagine, traveling some thousand miles, boarding buses and a plane, from the mountains of Abra all the way to CDO, carrying a tabo. Eccentric.

Swear, it is eternally in his bag. And he carries it in his backpack so that wherever he goes, if he has his bag, it goes with him too. Like a constant companion. Like a spouse or in his case (because he is still unmarried), a girlfriend. Like a shadow.

Apart from the possibility that it is used as holder for pens, even toilettries but which I find strange because one could opt to use a smaller, space-saving and handy pouch for such purpose, I really am clueless as to his reasons. And so, I call it his magic tabo. A recycled car lubricant/oil product container made of plastic material. And from memory, I believe it is black, maybe gray in color.

Any idea, anyone? If you have, please do not hesitate to comment :=)

Note: Tabo (in bisaya, we call it kabo) is a mini-bucket. Some are made of plastic material, others are tin (from tin cans). It maybe used as a water dipper (minus the handle).

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