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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Diarrhea in print

Over the week-end, someone told me that reading has poisoned my mind. Ouch. (And it didn’t help that it came from a loved one. Because the people we love most also have the power to hurt us most, right? A cliché, but is totally true)

Maybe you’d have expected tongue-lashing that ensued after receiving this comment. But no, there was no such scene.

I found it reasonable to stay silent and put things in proper perspective first (I always try although there were times I fail at this resolve), rather than act out in an impulse and out of some negative emotions.

I could have easily ignored the comment like what I did in the past but I’ve been mulling over that statement and I would really like to clear things out. Once and for the last time. And maybe let off some steam the better way (?).

So here’s my 70 centavos' worth:

Thanks for the honesty. For mustering enough courage to tell me what you thought straight to my face. You may have reasons for coming up with such remark.


It was quite unfair. It really is unfair, because you have not even read what I’ve read. Or maybe you’ve read some, but it still is unfair to make generalization.

Reading has always been my way of entertaining myself. And excuse me if I’m more drawn to reading “life” materials (I always classify books this way: fiction for non-real life stories like pocketbooks; food for materials that tackle kitchen maneuvers like cookbooks; life for materials that cover topics about living like inspirational books, how-to topics and health subjects; technical for materials that cover a specific field, i.e engineering, IT.). Reading real-life experiences interests and amazes me. It gives me a glimpse of a world I have not experienced, of feelings I have not known, of places and things I have not seen, of the sounds I have not even heard of after 29 years of existence, of tastes and scents. Maybe I do not bury my head much on technical matters (like you do), but please do not take it against me that I like to learn about some subjects that may not be that important from your standpoint

has helped me. Helped me put things - emotions, thoughts, actions - in proper perspective. Helped me resolve personal issues, with the negativity within and around me. It is helping me. Period.

It also gets me informed about some topics. I cannot say how well or how big the chunk of info I get and absorb (because I don't think I am not one of those lucky fellas whose mind works like a sponge), but at least I learn a bit. Even just a bit. The unknown really scares me. And all the more so with the thought of not knowing anything. At all. It just scares me off my wits! And I didn’t “poison” myself with these infos so I can be Ms Know-It-All. Just chalk it up to my being human, thus, the innate hunger for knowledge and the endless quest of it.

So I dunno, maybe it’s the way I ask some questions. I apologize for coming out too strong. Maybe you find my asking offensive, I’m sorry. But puhleeeease do not mistake it as suspicion at my end. I am only trying to verify some of the things I’ve read. And I am also interested in your ideas, your opinions. So consider it a compliment and be flattered that I am more than hinting my interest in how your mind runs! I am showing it, for God’s sake!

I hope you understand.

Oh, one more thing. I saw this book I gave you years ago, it still looks new and the same from the outside –still neatly wrapped in its original plastic. Please do me the favor of tearing down the plastic, and reading the book. I would greatly appreciate it. (And if it is not possible to carve the title in your heart, just promise me you will always remember it because it’s an absolute truth. Mwah.).

And I really hope I am not being mean now.


grace said...

kinsa nag-away naids kay akong sabunutan! hehehe
I know the hurts the most if the loved ones are making the comments. I hope he/she reads this blog of yours!
My 2-cents: A person who does not read books is worse than a person who can't read!

Anonymous said...

heheh..oh well he/she reads alright..mostly, technical stuff... too much for my 128 processor! and the message is already received as soon as i posted this entry..
so let's just say it's water under the bridge now..whew!

Joshua said...

Hey, so nice to have found this blog of yours, so interesting. I sure hope and wish that you take courage enough to pay me a visit in my PALAVROSSAVRVS REX!, and plus get some surprise. My blog is also so cool!