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Friday, November 02, 2007


Everytime my husband comes home, I and my son are always the happiest people on earth. When hub is away, I know Matt misses him big time, judging from his constant "Talk-a papa" requests.

Yesterday, when Matt first saw his father entering the door, he was all bubbly and beaming with an unmistakable sparkle in his eyes. It was a precious moment.

After few seconds when must have been able to take the sweet reality in, he politely offered, "Go-morning, Papa." We all laughed. Matt was amusingly so proper, like his father. Heartbeats later, he followed up with "Ah lavu, Papa."
He has been tailing his father since then.

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Raquel said...

I think father and son are close with each other. Ka-ka touch, how sweet those words Zam..."go-morning and ah lavu papa"

Ana said...

Awww...very cute.

WorksForMom said...

That is the best, isn't it? Oh so cute Zam!

Melanie said...

Awwww- such a sweet little story!

ZJ said...

Ang sweeet naman ni Matt. Lahat ng pagod at hirap mo sa buong araw nawawala pag ganyan ka-lambing ang anak mo!