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Monday, November 12, 2007

Election Aftershock

Despite the current political climate in the country, I’ve always had hope, however little that is, that things will change. That things will improve one day soon. Maybe that’s because I’ve always looked for the good in everything.

And I've always believed, even if it's a thin-thread belief, that, one day, the people will ferry this country to much-wanted development and progress. Because I believe in the strength of the people, which is the greatest resource of this country and where its power absolutely lies. I believe that the Filipino can.

Do I sound so naïve? Maybe I do. Or maybe I am in denial. Grin.

But when I voted in the recent barangay election, I was carrying that belief in mind.

And then someone close to me said, "...It's sad that some people doesn't want good governance and programs, [instead] they want instant cash..." This she said after observing the massive vote-buying during the election and I felt as crushed as she is.

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Raquel said...

I think voters in the Philippines are wise enough nowadays. They're only after the money but not to vote the candidate that they don't feel like to.

But I believe, to those who are in the rural areas especially uneducated/uncivilized people are easy to fool.

WorksForMom said...

Wow, what an insightful post Zam. I agree with Raquel, so much depends on education.

Melanie said...

Good post- and I also agree with Raquel and WFM- a lot depends on education.

Regina said...

Education is key, but is it enough? Politics seems to be more and more about money to me. I think world wide, there is a dissatisfaction to most governmental bodies.