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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bookmark It!

I'm cooking up a kiddie party and rather than letting a party coordinator do the dirty job, I've decided to handle most of that myself. This way I can trim down the cost. So that's what's keeping me busy these days.

And with my sister's help, I tackled my son's birthday invitations
few days ago.

There are lots of free designs we found in the Net but we chose this one. To save on printing cost, we agreed that it's going to be just a bookmark size.

Printed on photo paper, the actual size of each invitation is only 11cm X 6cm.

For 20 invitations, we were able to use only 4 pieces of A4 photopaper.

With some ribbons, which are leftovers from my wedding 44 months ago, I decided to make it look like a bookmark all the way. Thus, eliminating the additional cost of need for envelopes.

Here's a sample of the finished bookmark-cum-invitation.

And here are the rest of the invitations.

(Note: Pictures are edited and blurred on purpose)


Few days back, an officemate and friend paid me a compliment. No big thing really. He only said I’m frugal.

"Oh, yeah?" My other officemate, who was with us, playfully joined.

"Go ask my husband," I was quick to reply.

No big deal. But okay, granting there’s no undertone of sorts there, I consider it as a compliment; a feather to my bonnet. Actually, I’d much rather think of it as that, because if I analyze too much, I would begin to wonder if my friend thinks I'm Scrooge-ing! Heavens forbid! :D (Chuckle)

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cheh said...

uy great idea day zed! mag birthday ning akong bugoy sa feb,inana sad akong buhaton with thomas and friends kay fave nya!

Sonya said...

Love the Barney stuff! My youngest daughter used to adore Barney but she has long outgrown him. I used to sing all the Barney songs with her and I still love them!

Homeschool Help Web said...

My, what a patient model you have!

How much did you have to pay him? ;-)

Stephanie said...

Those are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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