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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Angels of Destruction

I hate termites. They are more of an inconvenience; they are a symbol of destruction to me.

A year ago, we had one of our cabinets eaten by drywood termites. Lots of books were in there. I have my Engineering books and my paperback collection of teenage lovestories :D in there. Our old photo albums were in that cabinet, too. And most of these were destroyed!

I remember feeling the agony of throwing them into fire and seeing them reduced into ashes. Such helplessness! We had not known any drywood termites treatment then and thought that burning was the easiest and fastest way to annihilate these little angels of destruction.

We salvaged a few items but lost a lot of things. I’m just glad nothing happened to my pertinent records like Transcript of Records, certificates, etc. My younger brother was not so lucky though. His College Diploma was among the “casualties” of that incident.

So you can just imagine how grateful I am that there’s an online site to help us conveniently eradicate the termites.


Regina said...

Wow, I pray that I never have to deal with this issue.

WorksForMom said...

Termites? EEEWWWW, I would faint. :)