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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Casino Games

Would you believe if I say that I have been to a Casino few times but haven’t played any Casino game? Yes, that’s true. In those few business trips when I was billeted in a hotel where there’s a Casino, I only satisfied myself by looking around and that’s that.

No, there was no resistance because in the first place, there really was no desire to play. I really do not know why but I just have no motivation to play any casino game those times. Not even the very common slot machine could tempt me.

But few minutes ago, I was browsing through an online casino site and I was surprised because it has duplicated most games one can see in a real Casino. There’s online poker, slots, and more. I was almost tempted to play a free game, just so I will have an idea about a casino game, had it not for some last-minute preparations that needs to be done for Matt’s kiddie party tomorrow.

So strictly speaking, at this time, I haven’t played any casino game in my whole life, not even online casino games.

1 comment:

Hunkston said...

I like to go to the casino sometimes as you get a bit of a buzz and it can be a good place to end a night out as in the past i have won my money from the night out back and more sometimes! However sometimes i cant be bothered to go all the way to the casino so i have started to play online casino blackjack and other casino game online as I still get the feeling and the winning but from the comfort of my own home!