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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fire and Water

She was wearing her favorite H-- slippers; he, on a pair of borrowed Spartan.

She was wearing her B-- shirt; he, a shirt she purchased from a sale eons ago.

She had on her recently acquired brown K-- leggings; he, a faded camouflage Army short pants.

They were slowly walking up the steps leading to the mall entrance. Side by side. After they passed through the guards by the entrance, he turned to her companion and suggested, "Let's go eat to (favorite resto)."

In a flirtatious voice, dripping with honey, she asked, "Are you treating me?"

He nodded.

Instinctively, she curled her fingers on the arm by her side, just above the elbows. Lightly batting short eyelashes, she asked, rather a little breathlessly, "Is this a date?"

He only grunted and gave her the I'm-only-hungry-and-wants-to-eat look.


After finishing a sumptuous meal, sheepishly, he voiced his observation (in their dialect) , "Looks like I'm the only odd stick around

She gave him a look that says so-what-it-doesn't-matter-one-bit. Then she offhandedly said, "Oh Honey, but then you're picking up the bill." And all the
while grinning with all the sweetness she could muster.

Carnival of Family Life is up and running over at An Island Life.

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maiylah said...

interesting read here, Zen ... :)

happy weekend!

grace said...

That's the beauty of long-distance relationships! You're sweet to each other always as there is no time for bickering! :-)

ZAM said...

Sweet hah! Lol. Was ka sweet-sweet oi!

Maiylah and Grace: Thanks for the visit!