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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Vantage Point

I had the chance to watch Vantage Point, which stars Dennnis Quaid, a couple of weeks or so ago in the office. (C’mon… Please don't ask me why I was able to watch it in the office. Wink.)

Although I enjoyed it, I really wasn't too impressed with the story. The plot, which revolves around the assassination attempt of the US President while attending a summit in Spain, was promising but I just am not convinced with some of the scenes. Okay it’s just a movie but aren’t scenes in the movies supposed to look convincing? Aren’t they supposed to get the audience involved in the characters? It didn’t happen to me though.

My favorite charming blunder is the “he-doesn't-even-look-like-me" double of the President. It’s actually a line I’ll always remember and associate with the movie – although I believe it’s a line to reinforce the existence of a body double. But indeed, the double doesn’t look like the president. at. all. Not an iota.
To me, it’s ridiculous to get a double that doesn’t look exactly like the President (in the story). They could have at least attempted to make the double look like the President. Ever heard of prosthetics? But I can see there was none of that.

But in the end, I had to accede that it was cleverly done. You won’t miss what the story is all about as the movie replays relevant scenes at a different perspective or vantage points. (For awhile there, during the second replay or perspective, I had the fleeting thought that I must have mistakenly pressed a rewind button or that I had a not working copy.)

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ZJ said...

Hi Zam!
What a coincidence, husband and I watched this movie two nights ago! At some point, I told my husband, basi dili ni mahuman in two hours kay sigeg rewind-rewind *lol* The car chase is fantastic. Some scenes are predictable (like katong kay Matthew Fox na character). Although the movie has flaws, some of which you mentioned, still it is worth watching.

Regina said...

I was thinking about watching this but had not seen any preview posts about it!
Thanks for sharing!