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Thursday, May 08, 2008

An Excerpt Of My Pants Story

Last year, I had written a post entitled The Pants (War) Story. It’s about the shift in pants style.

Here's an excerpt of my previous post:

I detected few pairs of Skinnies strutting around town. Just a few of them that you could count them by ticking off your fingers. But although there were just few of them, you couldn't miss noticing their attempt to knock the Flared-sies over their firm perch on the fashion ground. They were throwing off stones, shooting arrows, firing water guns, stomping their feet and stepping on toes firmly rooted to the ground.

Comparatively, if Flared-sies were Goliath, then Skinnies were David, feebly trying to topple a giant.
Skinnies, persistently trying: "You just wait! When our time comes, it will be a riot!"

Animosity was unmistakably high in the air. But of course, it's not the first time that Skinnies showed up their gorgeous heads, err legs. They've been here before, they graced the fashion ramp, walked all the streets of the globe. Until their time came, a time when they eventually lost their appeal to the fashion gurus. A sad time when they would have to be shelved back
to old cabinets and bauls…

This story was inspired after I bought myself a not-yet-trendy pants that fit perfectly like a second skin. It’s one of those Skinnies, actually my first since the resurrection of Skinnies and it has, though not a Dockers, been my favorite friend.


If you have a pants story to tell, you might want to make a video out of it and submit it to the Dockers contest.

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