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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clearer, Brighter Weekend


For the nth time, allow me to break my Wednesday silence.

Hmmm. Got to agree with you that I have a misleading title for this photo. Now it actually is its exact opposite. But God-willing, I'll be seeing a much clearer, a much brighter Pacific waters in the coming weekend. God-willing. I'm really crossing my fingers.

Now because of this upcoming trip, I might not be able to return the favor of visiting everyone however much I wanted to. But when I get back, i'll sure catch up with all of you. So til then. Have a blessed week!

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SandyCarlson said...

I hope the weather is perfect for you!

Chuck said...

Hope it all goes well...I don't think it ever be bad being by the ocean though.


jams o donnell said...

What a great place to be,Happy WW

Mama Grizzly said...

WOW! That's beautiful!

MamaGeek said...

THAT is beautiful, so serene! Here's hoping it goes PERFECTLY!

eastcoastlife said...

Cool sea breeze and the water running across my feet.... lovely for a hot and boring day! :)

Gabriel said...

What a beautiful picture! It brings me good memories of my hometown in Argentina...

Here is my creepy post for today. Happy WW!

Liza's Eyeview said...

Happy Wednesday! :)

Princess Vien said...

Great shot!!

Mine is up now. Hit me back if you can.

Happy WW!!

lareine said...

i love the waves... i can feel it teasing my feet, inviting me to take a dip... hope you'll have a great time :)... enjoy!!!

**"Liza"** said...

Ohh wow I wish I'm there today! The water is so Inviting.
Zen how are you by the way? I tag for you at my blog take a peek if you have time ok..;)

Melanie said...

What a great shot!

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!