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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Nightmare Award

Advisory: Please do not click any of the links or images if you are not ready to see the trailer or images of a scary movie.

I really haven’t been here in awhile (okay, a couple of days or so are already “awhile’ to me). All of my recent posts are product of Blogger’s autoposting.

So when I opened my mail today and saw this reservation for The Nightmare Awards, I was surprised because I have already done this before. But really, “surprise’ was an understatement. It’s more than that. I really wanted to say, what a nightmare! the Trailer of this unrated and controversial movie, the Frontiers(S), all over again –which I did. All that blood. All the gory. Gruesome. What torture! And as I’ve said in my previous Frontier(s) post, I’m not much of a horror flick fan and for very obvious reason. *hiding under the blanket* But I have friends who are big fans of Horror Movies. Yikes!


I have not seen a poster of this around here but this has been shown in selected US theaters starting on May 9. You may check select theater listings, too. Its DVD copy is also already available starting May 13. So if you want to watch this film in the comforts of your home, go and pick up a copy now.

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