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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Already A Long Break

Where have they all gone to? I have been waiting for long for Wentworth Miller and the rest of gang from PrisonBreak to grace the screen again.

The last episode before the hiatus got me biting my nails - with anticipation of what's about to come next and of denial that it was the last episode of Season 3. What a short Season it was and I don't want to think that it's because the viewers are already bored. But though it's a downhill trend for PB in terms of viewers, starting with 12.1M in Season 1 down to 8.2 in Season 3, I'm still dying to find out why Mahone, Whistler and Susan are now together. What are they up to? What's going on?

The wait is making me restless and I already miss Went so much. You see, I go gaga over Went -and my Houston knows about this. It's really a teenage crush of sorts, only that I'm already in the thirties. (Is there such a thing like a thirties crush?)

I heard they will be back in September. It's a long wait then and I hope the new episodes are all worth the wait. Promise me, Went?

But while the PB gang is still on hiatus, I've checked Criminal Minds. After finishing Season 1, I'm hooked. I have yet to see Season 2 and 3 episodes which I already saved to make the long wait of PB bearable.

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