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Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Treat For All Of You 24 Fans

If I’m going to say how impatient I already am from waiting for the next season of Prison Break, I know 24 and Jack Bauer fans will give me “an eyebrow lift.” September may be too long for me but I can only imagine how Jack Bauer’s fans must be feeling with 24’s January 2009 return schedule.
January 2009?!?

But take heart, all of you 24 fans. Before we know it, it will be 2009. Besides, if you can’t wait until next year, there’s The Rookie: Day 3 Extraction, which Degree Men ® has offered for your viewing pleasure.

The Rookie: Day 3 Extraction is a series of digital episodes which chronicle the adventures of American Counter Terrorism agent, Jason Blaine as he tries to rescue his boss who’s unexpectedly kidnapped in Mexico City. Directed by Rodney Charters, ASC, CSC, who also directed episodes of 24, The Rookie: Day 3 Extraction has all the fast-paced, heart-pounding trademark of 24.

I've seen it. And oh yeah, I must agree it's very 24-ish. Even the emotions elicited from me was very 24-ish. Just watching Episode 1 with Blaine discovering his boss gone and then seeing vehicles flee feels very 24-ish. I was holding my breath and my heart was pounding a crazy beat that somehow echoed the ticking of that clock.

So will the Rookie prevail? Watch Blaine race against time, in a true 24 fashion in these action packed webisodes available in YouTube.

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