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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dreadful Notebook

After the repeat of Nightmare Awards, guess what I’m getting? Death Note! Waaaaaa! I’m only a nice girl who only loves to blog and then I get this? What’s going on?

Okay, okay it’s not a death note for me and I haven't experienced anything supernatural so far.

But it’s the DeathNote the movie that I meant. Based on the hit supernatural action-mystery manga, Death Note is an offering from NCM Fathom and Viz Pictures to horror-movie fans out there. It is about a notebook which a Shinigami death god named Ryuk dropped and which a student named Light Yagami found and vowed to use to rid the world of evil as any human whose name is written on it eventually dies.
Interested already? It will be available in selected US movie theatres on May 20th and 21st. Purchase of tickets maybe done online –by providing your zip code. Go check it out.

Sponsored by NCM Fathom

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