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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Be Prepared for Ken Lee

I really would have forgotten all about this if not for my son who, for unknown reason, constantly reminds me of this by singing Ken Lee everytime the Pinoy Idol ads is flashed on TV. Okay, I am partly to be blamed because Matt was sitting beside me when I viewed it weeks ago. But how was I to know that he'd remember it and associate it with Pinoy Idol?

Sorry my boy for underestimating you.

So Ken Lee be it... And with 5M viewers? Woot! Heheh.

But speaking of viewers, I'm going to leave you the video of the JailDancers dancing to Michael Jackson's hit, Thriller. I am so entertained with this vid. And it does look like they had fun doing it, too -maybe momentarily forgetting their conditions. But don't you agree that everyone - even prisoners- is entitled to have some fun, clean fun, too?

1 comment:

katztales said...

I can see you loooove junk TV. Me, I'm watching Sherlock Holmes on DVD. The Granada versions from 1984.