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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SocialSpark Is Here Now

Just last month, I was invited to try out the beta version of Social Spark. For some reasons, this invitation had slipped out of my mind and so I didn’t respond to it. After awhile I got the same invitation again, only that this time, the offer is already open for everyone.

So far, I have liked it there. I’m still learning the system since I’m still new but I am having fun. I have made some friends there. Unlike other social communities, SocialSpark gives you an opportunity to take on paid posts. Not only that, you could even get connected with the advertisers themselves. It’s really a promising venue for everyone, bloggers and advertisers alike.

The feedback system is just good, too. If you are not sure whether to take up an opportunity, you may read the comment section and find out what other bloggers think about the opps. And you can give a prop or a thumbs up to blogs or bloggers or users, if you like them; a drop or thumbs down, if you don’t. Every profile has a message board, too and your friends –or anyone can easily post their comments for you.

To see what it a SocialSpark profile is like, check my profile with them. You can see some of my friends here, who has recently viewed me and the recent opps I have taken , among other details provided.

*** This post is brought to you by SocialSpark***

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