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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Loans And Credit Cards

I really marvel at the fact that, these days, getting a credit card is already a no-fuss affair. Almost anyone can get them, The same is true for loans. And getting them are faster and easier nowadays compared to how it was in the previous years.

Take for example in our office. I have repeatedly received calls from a number of telemarketers who offer pre-approved credit cards. And despite my repeated refusal, they have become more persistent in the next call while offering all sort of enticement - ready-to-use cash, insurance, free grocery and others.

So with all this, I am not surprised that there are companies that will give everyone, even those with less-than-perfect credit rating, a chance to have a loan or a credit card. One of these companies is which offers Bad Credit credit cards, Bad Credit loans such as home, personal and auto loans, among others.


Chuck said...

Oooh - nice slam. That was good! Nice to see you again :)

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