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Friday, January 18, 2008

ToonUp Now

Life in the corporate world is peppered – not sparingly- with meetings, trainings, brainstorming processes, and company events that involve presentations or slide-shows. And pictures, images, animations or illustrations play a great role in conveying the message of these presentations to the audience. Let’s face it, sometimes, these are the only things we take notice of - or we remember after a meeting or training has wrapped up.

From experience, few times when I was the presenter (and boy, it’s not an easy feat to be up there), I’d usually employ these to aid me in delivering a message to the audience or driving home my point. And most times that I’m down there as audience, I must admit that these attention-getter illustrations or animations keep me awake.

In short, pictures, images, animations or illustrations are essential in making a presentation interesting because they leave impression on the audience. And if you are the presenter or trainer and you are able to provide a great presentation, it could put you on a good spot with the boss. Extra pogi points. Bonus points, enough for a raise or a promotion. Important, yes.

Now, MaraStar Corporation, the leading provider of animated training and communication cartoons, presents Toon Up. ToonUp is, and I would like to quote from their site:

ToonUp®(t n p )n.
1. A 30-60 second animation designed to train and motivate employees by delivering an important message in a humorous way. 2. A breakthrough technology in training and employee communications that delivers animated training to employees via PowerPoint, email, intranet, or Learning Management System.

In short they are Animated Cartoon Videos meant to make a training material/presentation more interesting and effective. And MaraStar has created loads of these catchy animations of different themes and topics. So, do you need one for a communication skills training? Or a sales presentation perhaps?

Perk up your presentation and ToonUp now.

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