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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I.Wish.I.Could.Do.This (Updated)

Charice Pempengco. The microphone is obviously her best bud. And music undoubtedly looooves her. I just wish I could say the same to myself. :-)

And some fans have spoken, too - if the poll at Ellen Degeneres' site was something to get by. Took the poll myself and here's the tentative result.

Woooot! GO gurl!

As of 8:14AM January 8, 2008:

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Regina said...

I didn't know she was on Ellen but I did see her on youtube a while ago and it was awesome. she is an awesomely talented young lady. I pray that she is not corrupted by the industry and stays true to herself and her talent.

Simply amazing!

Liza said...

Ayan! Ayan talaga ang isa sa mga frustrations ko eh hehe... ang matutong kumanta. I love to sing pero ayaw ata sa akin ng career na yan eh ;)

annie said...

That was amazing!!!!!!

Regina said...

she is taking over!

ZJ said...

Ayyy, murag ako ra ba kadtong bata pa ko... N-O-T!!!! I wish I have that kind of talent... unsaon na lang, my talent should and must remain hidden or else... harharhar.

MamaGeek said...

I saw her on Ellen. SHE ROCKS!

Oh and I also have a little blog bling awaiting you over at my place.

2cents said...

Naku! she's really good and can sing so great. Musta na?

The Freelance Cynic said...

Way to go for the ladies.

Mariposa said...

Another Filipino pride...

Had I not visited your site, I will not know anything about her...well, I still don't know....what a shame!

maiylah said...

watched her at that show ... was surprised and proud at the same time! :)

take care, Zen!