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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Need A Web Host?

For those interested in availing web hosting service, Lunarpages has launched a new LP Quicksite Plan that assures secure, reliable, and quick set-up service. Their latest plan gets your site up and running in less than 2 hours. Amazing, ey?

The Basic Plan is at $6.95 per month. With this, one is entitled 1 free domain for life, 1500 Gigabytes storage, 15000 Gigabytes Data Transfer, loads of free web design template (to choose from) and lots of other perks.round the clock technical support. The Business Hosting Plan is at $21.95 per month. With this, one is entitled 4 free domains for life, Unlimited storage, 15000 Gigabytes Data Transfer and Shopping cart design. The Windows Hosting Plan is at $9.95 per month. With this, one is entitled a free domains for life, 5000 Megabytes storage, 400 Gigabytes Data Transfer and Portal & Report Starter Kit and much more.

With any of these plans, you can have a $700CoffeCup Design Software for free, 10 free Add-on domains, email and FTP accounts. Their plans also support Ruby on Rails, JSP/ASP. They also have ‘round the clock technical support. By the way, they offer a good $25 discount if you avail of any of the hosting plans at 12 or 24 month term (using Coupon code: lunar25off).

They also have a Hosting Transfer offer with ninety day money back guarantee to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with their service. So check out Lunarpages Web Hosting now.

For web designers, Lunarpages is also holding a Wordpress web design contest at this site: Prizes from 5 years hosting and $1000 are up for grabs.

Or if you’re interested to earn from Lunarpages, they pay an affiliate commissions of $65 and if you sell one of their dedicated hosting plans, they will pay $180. Just visit this site:


eph2810 said...

Sounds like some pretty good hosting plans. I just switched in August hosting companies, but you never know. Thanks for sharing the valuable information. Wish I were proficient in designing WP templates - hehe...

Blogger said...

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