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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Sign To Get Back To Prescription Glasses

I was once prescribed to use glasses and I had been using it for more than a year. But you know what they say about getting so used to it and ending up getting a higher grade glasses – so I decided to chuck and forget about it. Last year, I had complained about my eyes and went to an eye doctor – and expected he’d give me glasses but I was prescribed an eye drop only!

Last December, I was considering getting back to the eye doctor again because too much blogging had maybe finally kicked me in the eye- but I made excuses not to.

Now, I’m doing this post for Great Discovery:, which offers wide selection of high quality frames and lens. Isn’t this supposed to be a sign to set that appointment again?

1 comment:

Sandy C. said...

Ah, I'm guilty of doing the same thing. I was prescribed glasses only to ditch them..and then needed a stronger eyes are going wacky with all of this blogging!