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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project ToyBox

Every end of the year (for the past 4 years), I'd receive supplies in a box like the one below. Last year was no different.

And every year, rather than leaving it to rot or discarding it, I'd be thinking of ways to re-use it.

But this time, I decided to glam it up a bit and utilized it as my son's toy box to help me cope with the headache of seeing broken toys, old toys all around the house. Last year's box was made into a toy box also, sans the trimmings.

Materials used: Sandpaper, cupboard liners and double-sided tape. Tools: scissors, ruler, pencil.

So after the sanding and cleaning of the box, then measuring and tracing of the liners (to fit the sides), here's the work-in-progress.

And finally, after more than an hour (or maybe more because dear son was bugging me to let him do some cutting), here's the finish product.

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Kim said...

That is pretty clever :)

Melanie said...

Wow- what a great idea! I love it- you are so crafty.