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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Dear friend Che tagged me to do this meme. And good friend that I am is trying my darnest to come up with seemingly intelligent sane answers.

Here’s how it works:
Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Must be places or names…Nothing made up. Can’t use own name for boy/girl’s name question. If can’t answer, skip to next one.

1. Famous Singer: Will Zsa Zsa Padilla fit the bill?
2. Four Letter Word: Zany
3. Street: *scratching my head*

Ah-uhm- um- next item please.

4. Colour: *scratching my head*

Che, I thought we're friends. Why are you giving me hard time now?

5. Gifts/Present: Zipper?

6. Vehicle: Zoyota or Zitsubishi. Or if you want something zozyal, try Zaguar!

7. Things in Souvenir Shop: *scratching my head*again*

Can we try something unique... like a Zebra, perhaps.

8. Boy Name: Zorro
9. Girl Name: Zoie
10. Movie title: *about to scratch head but can feel a distinct stinging sensation in the scalp*so goes my perfect excuse to cheat ask help from a search engine*

Movie title:Z

11. Drink: Zombie. I've had one too many of this one night a long time ago.

I badly need one right now. Sigh.

12. Occupation: Zoo animal proxy Zoo attendant
13. Celebrity: Zellwegger, Renèe. I love, love, love her!

14. Magazine: *I am beginning to suspect that there's a motive behind this meme*

15. City: Is Zambales a city? Okay, I got it. Zamboanga City! There. I know about Geography, see?

16. Sports: *scratching my singit*scratching every nook and cranny of me*

17. Fruit: Zeneguelas. Okay, I know, I know I'm dumb but does it have to be like this?

18. Reason for Being Late to work: Zipping pants that has a wonky zipper. Then getting and trying to zip another pants that has a wonky zipper again. Searching...trying...and throwing pants after pants after pants... and finally, without a choice, getting inside the last available pants found at the bottom of the laundry bin...zipping...and breaking its zipper.

19. Something you throw away: Zipper-fly pants, of course!
20. Something you shout: Zhut up!

Sigh. Sigh.

Now, Che, I got to charge you 20Euros because I consumed my 8-hour shift doing this one I overused my grey matter today. 20 Euros, my friend. Fair enough because this one's tougher than the the reviews I've made. I'll email my PayPal account shortly. I love you, Mamah! Mwah. Mwah.

Now I'm tagging Melanie, Regina, Thess, Sandy and The New Parent. And no, you cannot charge me. Wink.

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Sandy C. said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! bum is starting to hurt from tagging :)

I bet "Z" was a tough one...I can never find Z-words. There really are few.

Thanks so much for the tag. I've had a few tags this week, so I will do my best to get this one up a.s.a.p. I really can't charge you huh? Not even in US dollars? Gold?

Thess said...

Zam!! tawa ako ng tawa, parusa nga ito para sa iyo ha ha ha!

thanks for the tag, though I've already done this (actually ako nag passed ng tag kay Cheh *lol* ) pero dahil malakas ka sa akin naks! (^0^) gagawin ko ulit sa isang blog ko if u dont mind...tutal 2 names ko eh, o diba? ;)

have a marvelous weekend!!


Lizeth said...

thanks for visiting my blog earlier. :)

katawa tong post mo..i was trying to think of some answers for you e...hirap talaga ng Z :)

Pam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words! This was a tough one to do with the letter Z!

Anonymous said...

Hi Z--thank you for thinking of me. I will attempt this tag once I finish the other tags (smile)!

Sonya said...

Wow!That was a tough one! I may try it since I'm sure to think of at least a few answers that start with S!

And yes, the book drawing at my place is January 9th, which is next Wednesday!

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness. This is a hard one- I was thinking- Oh I hope she doesn't tag me for this one. Hee hee. I'll get mine up soon though ;)

Che said...

mwahahaha sowwwwy mamuaaah!! hala send your paypal right away!lol

Thanks for complying mamah bisan nagpaningot imong singit singit sa pag tubag ani muaah muaah dyud!!


ZJ said...

Good thing I didn't get this tag from you, Zam... hehehe. Or else... Z is one helluva tough letter to find answers with...

Sandy C. said...

it's up!!!!!! Finally! I know...I'm terrible it's taken so long..please forgive me :(

日月神教-任我行 said...