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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Junk mail and PayPal, Go EON

CustomerService: Mam, it seems that your EON card registration to Paypal failed thus this P1 deduction to your account...

(I had expected a 78-peso deduction or 1.95USD.)

Me: But Sir, I received a notification that it was successfully added... yaddi, yadda...

CustomerService: Mam, it's best that you have to check with PayPal...

The same time I had this conversation, I was the recipient of this email. While I would have ignored it at some other time, that time when I read it, I flipped. But then, what do you expect. I went like whaaaat my PayPal account is suspended? as I felt a chill crept under my skin.

I, of course, flagged Paypal to save my soul but we know how long it takes before they get back to you. But agitated, panic-stricken, worried, etc.. I also asked around and searched the net.

I had yet to hear a word from PayPal when I found this. You just cannot imagine how relieved I was and how pissed I was with all these spam mails. Anyway, I have installed ICONIX now so it's easier to know whether a PayPal email is legit or not.

As with the card enrolment (to PayPal), it seems that there was a minor error somewhere in the process. But that taken cared of, my EON was successfully registered and my initial transfer went smoothly (even faster than I expected). Thanks Unionbank for everything! BTW, to date, Unionbank is the only bank in PI that makes withdrawal possible with PayPal.

Also thanks to PayPal despite the fact that I only heard from them when it no longer mattered to me.


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Thess said...

huh? nakakanerbyos nga yan, zam! I still have this annoying Ășnder review' on my Paypal too, though the costumer service has told me they will take care of it within 3 days...7 days ago na wala pa rin action...

hay buhay parang life...

have a fine weekend!

Sandy C. said...

Oooh, glad the transfer went smooth. The Paypal emails are scary. I need to check out ICONIX

Regina said...

Glad things got worked out. Paypal is a little scary to me.

Melanie said...

I'm glad you got it all worked out. How very annoying Paypal can be.

maiylah said...

hallu, Zen!
you can use the local banks na for paypal ... FREE of charge! :)
anyway, naa nakabutang na sa paypal, including how to add the bank.

happy weekend!