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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Young Engineer

Coming home from work one afternoon, my son - after our initial display of affection- said “Mama, remote” and proudly showed me something he had been holding in his hand.

“Oh.” I was surprised. No, that is not a remote. I was almost tempted to say but held my tongue in check.

“What is this remote control for?” I playfully asked instead.

“Remote for [the] yo-yo.”

And I pulled all my reserved acting skills to keep a straight face.

So presenting Matt's self-made remote control.

Made out of sticking a cottonbud (arrow) on a hole of wrist toy (that makes sound by pressing the red triangle). He said the cottonbud is the antenna!

And this is my son's entry for this week's MakeIt FromScratch! Eugene Polley- step aside.

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