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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Plain Nonsense And A Late Greeting

After 300 plus boring nonsense posts. Uh-oh. Don't say I'm really boring hardworking. I know it already and I do not need to work hard on being boring.

So okay after 300plus posts, I feel obligated to write another boring post that will never make sense. Please bear with me. But this is for my husband, my only reader ? - to him who should be blamed why I'm addicted blogging now.

And though we both are in the Engineering field, I will not pretend I understand what he does - a little, yes. But it's just the tiniest bit.

So, this will not make sense but I feel this will have effect on our life -maybe not directly. This is coming from Rich Tehrani.

(So Pops, hope this goes to show that you'll always -okay, not really always, but I can make a place for you anytime on this blog. And this is either tooooo late or tooooo advance but Happy Birthday!)

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