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Monday, April 23, 2007

Forget Davao

Forget that the hotel where I was billeted in asked for a 2K bond for "incidentals" (i.e bar supplies like chocolates, beer, bottled water); otherwise, they close the bar. I don't want to sound boastful but I've been able to stay in a handful of popular hotels and nowhere was I told that I needed to deposit/pay a 2k bond upon checking in. Not in Marriott, not in the Waterfront (Cebu and Davao), not in ..I could list more. But in Grand Regal (Mercure)!

Forget casinos (in the hotel). I never gamble anyway.

Forget that the hot-cold sign in the faucet knob is gone (same thing goes for the shower). I had a grand time guessing and alternately getting a dose of scalding hot water and then icy cool showers (sarcasm!) before figuring out which is which. Plus some room lamps are already busted.

Forget that below-standard presentation I made. Okay, okay maybe I am just expecting to much from myself ...but I really am a little disappointed there because I could have done better.

Forget that I was mistakenly charged for something I didn't order. This incident made me lose my patience because we were stalled for more than 30 minutes because the order slip of my supposed order (at a time that my sister and I were dead to the world asleep!) which I demanded to get a look, was nowhere in sight (not in the cashier where it should be, anyway). And yes, I wasn't traveling alone because I had this worst LBM Tuesday morning which prompted my mother to decide to have me accompanied by my sister. We were trying to get into an early bus trip because my sister wanted to catch a jobfair in CDO. We could have been on the 7AM trip if not for this minor interruption, which got me so riled because the hotel staff doesn't seem to double check their order taking details and from the look of it, they don't verify clients who place the orders. In the end, when I saw the slip bearing my room number, the name/signature was not even mine. Aaargh, hassle.

Soooo good to be back home. I hope next time I have something better to say about Davao.

1 comment:

grace said...

News flash: Welcome to the Philippines!!