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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another trip

Just for this one, just for this one. I assured myself that I'm not gonna spend more than 20 minutes in this little nook in the office which serves as our gateway to the cyberspace, typing some crap in my mind. You see, I am feeling heavy in the heart and I want to let this off my chest now. Aaaaack, drama! Really. Barely a month since coming home from the Manila trip, and I'll be going away again, away from home.

I will be doing an amateur-ish run for the training I attended in Manila. No, I will not be attending but conducting it. Haha, I can see your eyebrows raised already. Unbelievable, huh. Oh well, I have tried convincing the boss of my boss (which makes him my boss too, right?)that I might not be able to do that effectively , short of telling him to leave it to the pro (and to leave me alone) and that I need more than concept knowledge to be able to do as he bids but he just shrugged and said, It's okay and I could at least try. Aha, so that's what the studying, which is more like cramming in the past few days and nights, is all about. I've been burning the midnight candle analyzing a purely technical material but I still lack the confidence to deliver my presentation. Talk about torture of the highest level to my grappling 256-processor of a mind! Today, my head is still swimming in the ocean of telco jargon and I am already feeling the hint of a coming headache. God, I hope it remains that way, just a hint.

Because I am off to Davao tomorrow for an echo training. Alone. To Davao. There, it has finally sank in me. Oh, I have been to Davao in the past but this is the first time I'm traveling alone. And I am not too happy with the prospect of traveling by land for 6 hours. A literal pain-in-the-ass and headache-causing 6-hour bus ride at that! If I do survive this leg, I just hope I can find the courage and the confidence to deliver my piece in a logical, comprehensible and coherent manner (fingers crossed!). Because I am not traveling all the way to Davao, just so I can feel utterly down about myself. I know some Switch personnel may attend the cascade, and God knows who else, maybe the boss of my boss but I am hoping against hope that no manager will show up. Swear, I'd be reduced to a trembling heap. Hayyyy..thinking about it is already making me feel the familiar butterflies in the stomach.

Hmmm, Davao. As I've said, I've been there before but I am still in the process of deciding whether I love the place or not. Sure, there's a lot in store for the adventurous and the not-so, the introvert and the extrovert, alike, in Davao. Sure, Davao is the jump off point to the nearby Samal Island, where the famous resort, the Pearl Farm is, which is a heavenly haven for turistas. I know a lot of people who loves staying there. They said, it's wonderful place to relax ( and I hope I can get there in the future). But I just don't feel so at-home in Davao, compared to Cebu. And at this point, I am still undecided as to what to make of the city. And I hope I get to tour around and form some positive comments during my 3-day stay, enough so I can post about it.


grace said...

I have fond memories of Davao (first bf from Davao -- sweet, sweet lovestory we had hahaha), Naids but I love CDO best!

Anonymous said...


Korek jud ka, even compared to Cebu..I love it here..

So taga Davao diay to siya...heheh...

I really hope that the next Davao trip, if there's one, is A-ok.

grace said...

kinsa nga siya Naids? asa adto? bwahahaha..gihimo na nakong chatroom imong blogsite!