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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some luck

After spending 4 hours in the mall yesterday and going to work very early today, I wouldn't be surprised that my head throbs while in the office.

But I'll take back the previous statement and recall what happened during the day.

I woke up at 530AM. But lying in bed, I entertained the thought of being absent from work. I had wanted to curl under the blankets and go back to Dreamland but my mother was already yelling that one more minute spent in bed would get me late for work. Grrr! So with eyes still half closed, I began to pack my breakfast and some clothes in my bag. And I willed myself to open my eyes wide before I revved the car to the highway. My thoughts while driving was still on catching some sleep when I get to the office (I still have 2 hours free before real work starts in the office).

But when I came in the office, I found that my officemate has just finished downloading Episode 22 of the Prison Break. And I cannot wait to watch it. So I started my day in the office watching Prison Break, instead of getting much needed sleep! There's really no one to blame but myself that my eyes feels like its gonna close every 3 minutes! And I'm so thankful that there are OJTs to at least do the test calls/texts.

The whole day, there really was nothing I can think of but how gloriously wonderful it would be to feel the cool softness of a pillow under my head. I have been looking forward to going home at 2PM but today must be one of those days when luck is not on my side because I still need to do a cascade (sort of echo training)about the training I recently attended, to my officemates right after my shift. Aaaargh!

At 630PM, after the cascade and after attending to some emails, I finally walked out of the office, too tired and head still aching. After a good 20 minutes wait for a taxi to get me home, I gladly hopped into one. The moment I settled in the passenger seat, the thought of sleep instantly evaporated because I was treated to the smell of rubber, gas, body odor and something burning. Think of torture of the highest degree to the olfactory nerves! This is something I hate about using taxi as mode of transpo because you'll never know if it is properly cleaned or aired (to get possible malodour eliminated) unless you are already in it. Because I am too tired to find another one, I silently sat at the back and suffered in silence.

I wasn't not sure whether to be happy when I suddenly remembered I needed to buy some milk for my son. So I asked the driver to drop me off the nearest mall on the way. What a delay! All I wanted was to go home as fast as the driver can go and take an hour nap (just a nap because I do have some responsibilities at home that need to be attended to no matter how tired I am). But then I was saved from the stinking confines of that taxi (so I thought!).

Carrying my single purchase in one hand after my hurried trip to a drugstore, I scurried to board another taxi. With eyes already closing to their own volition that I have to mentally kick myself out of the state, I seated myself at the back. But as luck would have it, I was again trapped in a cramped and offensively stinking space (the unpleasant smell which I can distinctively distinguish as that of a body odor), as soon as the door closed and the car lurched into the traffic. Holy cow! The throbbing in my head was significantly increased to pounding. And this time, as I could no longer contain myself, I politely asked the driver to open the windows, which he immediately did. Haaaay. As my breathing returned to normal, I thought the polluted CDO air has never been that refreshing.

Highs: When I got gome, I was able to join my son during his bedtime. And my supposed nap was extended to 3 hours (dinner forgotten)! But I allowed myself a cup of soup before getting to bed again.

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