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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chocolate cake, ice cream, please!

I wasn't expecting it. But maybe that's not totally true. Maybe. Oh well, I was half-expecting it because I think I truly deserve to be lauded for the honest work I've rendered the company for 6 yrs. But really, I have tried not to think too much about it ( because completely forgetting about it is impossible). Too scared to have false hopes and to be disappointed again. Read my past post , it's all there. There's no denying I felt unappreciated, and felt shortchanged.

So I made a conscious effort to not expect.

But, but..

This morning, I opened my web-based company account, Camp X, intending to check my DTR (attendance record) only. Camp X is where we file our leaves, loans and it's where some of our records are stored including performance appraisals, payslips, DTR, and other company-related infos of an employee. As I was browsing, I was compelled to steer away from my initial purpose and to look somewhere else just for the heck of it, instead.

And there's the surprise in this very early morning. I stared through the page, to that single line entry. Dumbfounded. Stunned in silence.

Shock held me immobile for a fraction of a second.

Wait, wait. Am I reading it correctly?

As the world around me faded to a blur, making me aware of only 2 things - me and my PC, I frantically searched for the Current Employee Info link and clicked it. I scanned through the page and read the current position title and felt my blood rush through my veins, to my head. At that instant, I felt my heart leaping with joy. It's almost making me dizzy. I am elated. Overjoyed.

I am upgraded! To the last rung in the ladder for a staff to achieve before getting into the crossroads of choosing between the technical or the management track.

Sigh. At last. So I am celebrating now.


I tried to call hubby to share the good news first and first hand, but I couldn't reach him at the moment. Maybe later.


grace said...

A toast to you Naids!! You deserve it! Manager na ka karon?? hehe

Anonymous said...


nge..Me, ultimo japun..haha..not in the ranks..but thanks..coz am too scared to stagnate, would speak volumes..
headline unya na:
la pa nitubo physically, apil pa sa career!lol