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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Graduation Pics and More

As promised, here are some of the snapshots during my sis' graduation.

With some of her friends. Far Right: Mama with Matt

3 women and a baby!

The graduate with my parents and Matt

With our SuperMama

3 women and a baby, at home!

The women and the baby are still not done with the cam yet.

And this is what I missed last Sunday:

The food..

The relatives who came..

The kids..

These kids..

..are my cute nephews and charming neice

And there's my cousin Alan with the kids

The graduate with my neice, Genevieve.

And the men in my life!

There's even a baby!

And the running baby, who I missed most!


grace said...

wow kadaghan bata sa Ampo clan!!! Naids you have siblings who are married with kids na pud diay? kinsa?

ZAM said...

all sa mother's side zamoranos' and marquez' side to na mga kids..daghan playmates si matt..only nga usahay lang magkita..

grace said...

Congrats to joy2x diay, the last time I met her, she was this bubbly little girl who always wants to engage in our "adult" conversations!!hehehe