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Monday, April 09, 2007


While trying to decide on a topic to write about, I have been reading the Net, so much so that it is already making my eyes puffy and teary (equals blurry vision) at this very instant that I can hardly make out the letters on the keyboard.

But I am still thinking of things to write, err more like rant and rave about but I cannot find something interesting (for me but may not be for others..haha). I am looking for some drama, but found none lately. Ah, boring me living a less than ordinary life.

But yes, I read something that reminds me of bowling, makes me remember one particular bowling game even. Yep, bowling the sport. Although I am not ultra athletic type of girl, I do make an effort to know some sport (trying hard, hahah!) when I have the time (used to have time, back to pre-Matt days). But I must admit I haven't found one sport that I excel in. How will I when I cannot find the muscle to constantly practise? I am always making excuses not to, hmm, lazy-muscled me. Think, there's even a gym in the office but I have not used it for its purpose but for some event that doesn't require moving a muscle like catching some zzz sometimes. *winks*. But, maybe I am just not cut to be a sports buff (excuse again! haayy..).

Oh, forgive the zigzagging of thoughts (gee, as if I haven't done this in my previous blogs, hehe)..

Yes, I have been thinking about bowling. It just came into my mind, this one bowling game I played with hubby (but try as I might, I cannot exactly remember whether hubby was still my bf or already my hubby then, give me some time.. I am still trying to recall up to this time). A game we played in CDO. So far, that was the first bowling game we had in CDO (because our bowling matches were always in Cebu) and it was a fun-slash-terrible game.

As usual, I was not making much points and hubby was teasing me about how my game sucks because he knew I would always take the bait. And to think we already had an existing big fight (that got me mad and maybe he did, too) over a petty thing (am sure, but one I couldn't remember) before we settled for a bowling date. So I was already upset before we stepped on the bowling alley. And he must be annoyed already. Imagine, the tension building, anger brewing and all ready to explode (the latter is about me, haha) game after game. We threw scornful-slash-almost-playful remarks at each other (we always do this when playing anything, getting into each other's nerves and alternately trying to make the other one bad habit common to both of us!). I was playing with rage, exasperation written all over my face. At the same time, I was sulking like a child because I have it in my mind that the mood of dates should be light, romantic, sweet, pleasant and more. But no, this date was not and was not in the least nice.

But unexpectedly and surprisingly, maybe after so much exertion and we got tired with the exchange of nastiness, we stopped fighting. Can't remember now how it happened but we just did calm down after sometime. Just as fast as we fabricated cruel comments, we stopped talking altogether for a moment or two and stopped acting each other's antagonist. Maybe we just lost all the energy to fight, everything -rage, frustration, anger- already spent and channeled somewhere. And we managed to make peace with each other, we patched and made up before we said our goodnights. And I can still recall how good that felt (the "reconcilation", I mean). Sweating and dead tired but happy in the end.

So what's my point. Nothing. I just remembered. Maybe I am just writing these thoughts because we-hubby and me- had a very long hearty talk last night, which lasted til the wee hours in the morning, something we've never had for the longest time.

(**And now, I am calling this post cheesy!)

1 comment:

grace said...

Sweating and dead tired but happy in the end?! Hmm, what have you been doing ha! hehehe