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Monday, April 23, 2007

Getting in shape

Soya milk. Amino acid supplements. The gym. Jogging.

Oh, I love soya milk.

The amino acid, I have not tried. I have other vitamins though.

The gym, I have enrolled myself to a weight-gaining program in the past. Twice, at a different place and different time. I have not sworn off from enrolling again only that I am not talking about me here. Because lately, I kinda enjoy my gym-free life. Thanks to the big time exercise I get from taking care of my son and attending to his needs. So this means no jogging for me too.

So who? This is hubby. Our conversation these days are laced with one or more of these terms. Among the sweet nothings.

Am I happy? Of course. We all need to get in shape and strive to be in mint condition, health-wise. If not for the son, for ourselves (look who's talking..heheh). But really, I am satisfied that hubby is taking good measures in staying healthy and working the excess flabs off his body (him being hypertensive).

Don't get me wrong and this is not an issue of me loving him more if he's in better shape. Because the truth is, I would love him anyhow. No matter what. Period. *Haaayyy, me getting cheesy again!* But I appreciate his effort.

I just want to make this clear that we are not sports buffs (at least I am not, oh maybe just a wanna-be). Also, I am not advocating that we all need to act and get enrolled in a gym or get into a sport ASAP because one thing might work for someone but may not necessarily work for others. We just need to find what works for us considering all the limitations. Am I safely saving my ass here? Lazy me. Haha.

Seriously though, it's a process (of finding what works). And we, my husband and I, are currently in this process. And the sports-buff wanna-be in me now thinks that I should get into some sport one of these days too..haha.

But I believe paying attention to ourselves (our needs, in all aspects) is more of an expression of self-love so we can better love others (huh?). I hope am getting this right but it's something to that effect.

So here's a toast to good health. May we strive to be in better shape in the days to come, not just physically but emotionally, intellectually, socially and most of all, spiritually. Good luck to us.

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